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Pine Hills Church
Sunday's 4pm

61530 SE Stone Creek Ln, Bend, OR 97702
Silver Rail Elementary
Sunday's 4pm
Watch the video to hear a little bit about Pine Hills Church.

Gathering Time

Pine Hills Church Meets at:
Silver Rail Elementary School | Sundays 4:00pm
61530 SE Stone Creek Ln, Bend, OR 97702
Click here if you are interested in a mid-week community group gathering.


What does a typical gathering look like?
Relationships are really important so you will find people wanting to get to know you before, during, and after a gathering.
Most weeks we will have a few songs, communion, teaching from the scriptures with a connection to practicing the way of Jesus, a time of reflection, and a prayer of sending that reminds us each week of how we show up in our Monday-Saturday lives is deeply important to God.
How long is the gathering? 
Usually around 1 hour and 15 minutes. 
What do you have for my kids? 

We have a space for kids 2-8 years old. Kids get time to play together, do activities, and get Jesus-centered content that helps them develop in their faith.

Our teachers have all been vetted and have cleared proper background checks. We want to do everything to create a safe environment that your kid will want to come back to.

We hope to continue to expand our kid's ministry as the church grows in reaching new people and is able to recruit more volunteers to expand the ministry at a safe pace.

If you have a child that is under 2 years of age we have a special place in the main gathering space where they can play and wiggle around.
Kid noise never bothers us because it is the sound of a healthy and growing family.
What should I wear? 
Our atmosphere is pretty casual. Wear what you might wear to meet up with your friends at one of our local breweries.
How does your church serve the city? 
We primarily view ourselves as people who are called to love and serve the people who are in our everyday spheres of influence. This is how we partner with God on a mission to help others experience renewal in their lives by encountering what God is like through us. We also look to partner with other non-profits in the city that are already doing great work to meet the needs within our city.
Where does my financial giving go? 
Your financial generosity goes to supporting outreaches to the city, being generous with the school that we are able to meet at and other non-profits, and making space for people in our gatherings so that people can begin to process what the way of Jesus might mean for their lives, and other administrative cost. 
What does "Renewal of the City" mean? 
We believe that God is working through the brokenness of our world to help people discover that renewal is on offer through a relationship with Jesus. As we follow Jesus we progressively experience more and more renewal in our entire being and we get to partner with God to help bring renewal to others and our city. We believe that as we practice the way of Jesus then the city will become a better place because we are active in our families, neighborhoods, places of work, and people that we come across. 
What does "Practicing the Way" mean? 
Practicing the Way of Jesus is responding to Jesus' offer to follow after Him and discover His unforced rhythms of grace. We do this by daily making space to Be with Jesus, Becoming like Jesus, and Doing the things Jesus did. We can be with Jesus through practices like prayer, scripture, silence, and solitude. We can become more like Jesus by progressively becoming more like His character and nature. We can do the things that Jesus would do to bring hope and love to others (To take a deeper dive download our app and walk through the Practicing the Way conversations.