Pastors & Staff

Aaron and Nicole Contreras

Planting Pastors

Aaron and Nicole have a passion to help people discover what it practically looks like to follow Jesus daily, to become more like Him, and to use their giftings in partnership with God for the renewal of the city. They have been married since 2012 and have over a decade of pastoral ministry experience. They began exploring the Pacific Northwest and were instantly drawn to Bend the first time they drove over the pass in 2015. There was something that came alive in their hearts and as they prayed and explored the city, it was on a little bench at Drake Park that God spoke to them to move to Bend and to plant a church.

Aaron and Nicole were able to make the move in 2016, leaving behind jobs and roots; they spent the next 6 years establishing roots in the area, growing their family, and truly gaining a heart for Bend. Aaron and Nicole know very well that while people move to Bend to explore the outdoors, their hearts are desperately longing for the One behind the things: a relationship with Jesus. It is their passion to help people discover life in Him, use their giftings to be a blessing to others, and to enjoy the beautiful city they are honored to call home.

Pine Hills Church is being birthed out of several years worth of dreams, prayers, and the yielding to God’s guidance. They pray that God might be stirring something similar in your heart and you can come join them in this great adventure that God has swept them up in. In Bend as it is in Heaven.